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Sympathy Work

Here at Foxglove, we offer full sympathy and funeral work services.  Times of suffering and loss in life bring the strongest of emotions and stresses to the surface.  We believe that is why flowers are part of the American tradition in expressing sympathy and loss.  Flowers are a vessel of emotion and love.

Why Choose Foxglove?

While many floral shops produce flowers arrangements like an assembly line, we here at Foxglove believe floral design is an art.  Customers want to send a message of caring and thoughtfulness with their arrangement, and we believe there is no better way to show that than with flowers that are designed by a master florist.  Our designs always stand out when placed next to traditional floral shop arrangements. 

Services We Offer

-  Full funeral floral services and planning

-  Casket Sprays

-  Vased Arrangements

-  Easel Arrangements

-  Floral Wreaths

-  Home, Funeral Home, or Graveside delivery

-  etc.


Guidelines for funeral services:

-  You don't have to use the "recommended florist" provided by the funeral home 

-  Flowers are normally delivered for the viewing.

-  After we deliver the arrangements, the funeral home is responsible for moving the arrangements between venues (the funeral home, churches, and graveside).

-  Glass vases are not allowed graveside.